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have provided a wide range of high technology skill-sets to find, diagnose and resolve difficult and hard to find problems for Healthcare, Business, Industry, Refineries, Governments, Telecommunications, Positive Train Control (PTC Smart Trains), Mission Critical Systems and Military installations worldwide. Most of the time we are not the first to tackle a problem, but generally, always the last.

If you do not have an in house support team, or your team is lacking in skills required to resolve an issue, we can supplement their skills with our services.

Protection from natural and man made phenomena: Surges, Transients, Glitches, Sags, Outages, etc. Lightning storms, power-line switching, magnetic and electric fields. EMI, RFI,

Power problems (all types), harmonics, audits, surveys, EMI, EMP protection, extended X-Ray tube life in pulsed systems. Healthcare grounding safety checks. Grounding: ground loops, utility ground fault currents, net sequence currents, “noise”, grounding issues and design.

Our on site skills encompass the complete Information Technology world: Hospital, Industrial Automation, WAN / LAN Networks, Telco and Telecommunications environments (ie; Complex High Technology Electronics Systems).

This Includes: WI-FI profile, Power, Grounding, Temperature, Humidity, ESD, RFI, to keep high technology systems running reliably and to assist in redesign of those support systems that perform poorly in a high performance field environment. Grounding, Emergency power, UPS systems, generators, etc.

Systems environmental “hardening” services to lower TCO, MTTR and increase systems up-time. For one major Midwest data center client we lowered maintenance, parts and service costs over $1,000,000 in one year – down from $1.2 million the year before to $200,000 the year after services. We have worked in some of the largest data centers in the world.

Personally provided 300 on site seminars around the world.

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