Leadership Hawkins


What is Leadership Hawkins?

Leadership Hawkins is a personnel development program designed to motivate participants to develop and enhance the quality of their leadership in addressing pertinent community needs.


Our goal is to develop leaders who give life to community dreams by providing a program which prepares and motivates individuals to participate in community leadership.


Leadership Hawkins solicits applications from all parts of Hawkins County and all sectors of the community. A maximum of 15 people will have the opportunity to participate in Leadership Hawkins this year. Participants are selected on their own merit through an application process conducted by the Selection Committee. Participants are chosen for their potential to demonstrate leadership abilities and their commitment to community involvement. Interaction within this diverse group will stimulate and challenge class members.


Leadership Hawkins, organized in 1998, is a not-for-profit program sponsored by the Rogersville/Hawkins County Chamber of Commerce under the direction of a Board of Directors. The Program is funded by tuitions, fund raising activities, and private donations.


A community working together, that represents a diverse group of people with the common goal of promoting education, economic development, and preserving our heritage, as we strive to secure a future to ensure the success of our community.


  • Community Trusteeship
  • Communication Skills
  • City and County Government
  • State and Federal Government
  • Economic Development
  • Community Resources
  • Health and Human Services
  • Educational System
  • Regional Leadership
  • Technology


You can apply to join the next Leadership Hawkins program.  Give us a call, send an email or write to the address below for a brochure and application form.

Rogersville/Hawkins County Chamber of Commerce
107 East Main Street, Suite 100
Rogersville, Tennessee 37857
Phone/FAX:  (423) 272-2185