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Hawkins County is one of the greatest communities in our state. It is my honor and pleasure to serve you as Hawkins County Mayor. My goal is to continue to make Hawkins County a safe place where you want to raise your family and where business and industry wants to locate.

The County Mayor is the accounting officer and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of the county. He/she appoints members of county boards and commissions, as well as department heads. As accounting officer and general agent of the county, he/she has the responsibility to:

• Have care and custody of all county property, except that in the custody of other officials
• Control all books, papers, and instruments of the office
• Audit all claims for money against the county
• Audit and settle accounts of the county trustee, and those of any other collector/receiver of county revenue, taxes/incomes payable into the county treasury, and those of any persons entrusted to receive/expend any money of the county
• To require the clerks of courts to produce all records, documents, and papers in their offices relative to county revenue collected by that officer

These statutory powers and responsibilities are only a very few of the day-to-day duties performed by the County Mayor.

The County Mayor serves on several boards and commissions. He/she is empowered to enter into contracts and has the authority to negotiate/execute loans and notes. He/she works closely with the Chamber of Commerce and the Industrial Board to recruit new business and expand existing one in our area. He/she also provides recommendations to the County Commission and keeps them advised of the financial condition and needs of the county they serve.